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Up The Rabbit Hole

The Life & Times Of A Mad Woman

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14 May 1985

My Amazon.com Wish List

I make and sell custom dread falls. Below is a price guide

If you would like a set please feel free to message me



"designer"drugs., ._post-mortem photography_., 666, a clockwork orange, abandoned buildings, absinthe, agnostic front, american mcgee's alice, anatomy, anything extreme, apple computer, aqua teen hunger force, artz+pfusch, astrology, bats, bats day, beating.things.with.bassball.bats!!, being scary, being total immortal, big stompy boots, biohazard symbols, black and white photography, black lights, blatz, blood, blood & gore, body modifications, bondage, bullets, burlesque, butterflies, cages, candy necklaces, chai tea, cheese..., clandestine, classic horror, cotton candy, cruxshadows, css, dance dance revolution!, dancing, dancing.at.city.club, danzig, dead things, death and destruction, devotchkas, dread falls, dumpster diving, eating brains!!, ebay, electronic music, evil dead, excessive.alcohol.usage.on.sudays, fetish clothing, frankenstein girls, frontline assembley, fucking shit up, funker vogt, gabber, gas masks, gathering of the juggalos, genitorturers, getting.things.via.snail.mail, ghost hunting, h.naoto, halloween, hanging from hooks, happy hardcore, highschool hell cats!!, homicide, html, hypnoskull, imacs, infekktion, insane clown posse, insanity, intellectual debates, intellegence, juggalettes, juggalos, killer barbies, kinky shit, kompressor, la city walk, latex, leftover crack, lol porn, los angeles ca, loud music, low budget movies, lower class brats, making my own clothes, medical play, mental illnesses, mindless self indulgence, misfits, needles, nightmare before christmas, noir leather, north&west hollywood, oi polloi, omfg monster fur, pasta, photo editing, photo whoreisum, photography, photoshop cs3, picking @ scabs, pirates, platform boots, poking at [dead] things, presents, psychopathic records, razor-blades, reading, rx prescription drugs, scary things, screaming, seduction, serial killers, sex and violence, sharp objects, shopping, sick|girls|and|boys, singing reallly loud, skrewdrivers[the drink], skullfucking, skulls, social distortion, sunset strip, synth-pop, tales from the crypt, tank girl, tequilla, the addicts, the apocalypse, the last unicorn, tim burton, troma!!., type o negative, vintage looking apothecary bottles, vintage medical supplies, violence, walking|in|my|woods|at|3am, whips, wwii, wwiii, yelling, zombies duh!

Social capital

  • less than 10