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soo this is the story!

I was suppose to go on a beer run for my brother last night with my mom. Well are friends boyfriend's band was playing at a local bar. I somehow conned my mom into going up there. mind you we have no makeup on shes in her effing slippers I look like trash in a ICP tee and some skirt but we end up at this bar called smalls (if you live in waterford, MI you know the bar) so we get to the bar see are friends and start talking. Well I wen to get a drink. See a cute boy but didn't say anything. A few mins latter I went back for another drink. The cute boy (whos name is steve) said something to me and I start talking to them. Well Steve as tons of tattoos and I start talking to him about my misfits one. He lifts up his sleeve and says "Oh you mean THIS one..." It was the SAME FUCKING ONE I JUST GOT!! HOLY SHIT WWIN RIGHT? Oh it gets better. Turns out him and his friend where there randomly to!! It was destiny you guys!! I swear it was! I sat and talked to them for a good 2 or more hours till I asked Steve and his friend for this numbers It took so much for me to even just go talk to them so to get BOTH there numbers was like HUGE awesomeness for me! Well anyway something happened with my mom where she wanted to leave so I say my goodbyes to the boys things I would never see either of them again. WRONG! not even 20 minutes later and Steve fucking txted me!! OMFGGG!! His friends had ditched him and he was bored so I invited him back to my house. We hung out talked about music TV and movies. We kissed (Come on he was to cute NOT to kiss lol) and just laid down and cuddled. He JUST went home. It was one of the most amazing nights of my life. I cant believe this happened to me.. I'm on cloud fucking 9 right now. He wants to come back over and have a arrested development marathon lol. UGHH YES YES YESS!! My friend got a few photos of all us I need to get them from her. Till then here is a photo I just made him send me lol! Oh fucking man!! I hope this works out good. I feel like a high schooler all over again with a silly crush lol. Photobucket
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