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infected tattoo HEEELPPPP!!! (1 gross photos included..)

So I got this misfits tattoo aboutttt 5 or 6 days ago. Most of it is healed But part of it is infected.. I have been letting it dry out for 2 days a spray it once a day with bactine and wash it 2 times a day. I keep having people tell me to use A&D but then others say dont use anything at all let is dry completely... I'm not sure what to do. For the most part I can walk on it (Its on my calve) but it still hurts a lil.. So what the fuck should I do .. HEEELPP?

PS, Its kinda ironic/irony that the skull part of her face would be the part to get infected....

oh and this is not my first tattoo.. I do know what I'm doing I have 6 more... This one just didn't wanna be on my body I guess.

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