Nameless (nurse__zombie) wrote,

My hole family has the plauge right now.. I'm trying to hide out in my room till there all over it. My mom is extreamly sick and we have zero money to get the meds she needs to get better. Are finical situation sucks ass right now. We still have a 300.00 vet bill to pay by the 5th. I'm trying to pump out as many hair orders, fuzzie boot covers and shrugs as I can but its still just not enough... We have no money to pay taxes either, I'm so freaked out where going ot lose are house, I'm hoping things get better soon.

In other news my brother finaly crashed his car. He has a mercedes benz hardtop convertible, Now I know what your thinking, "wait didnt she just say they have no money?"
Yes thats true. let me tell you the story of how he came about this car.

last year my dads mom passed away. She left use some money and it was around my brothers birthday. He has just got his licenes and was looking around for a car at junk yards to fix up. He came across a 1999 mercedes benz 2 seater kompresser for 5,000. The back end was ALL smashed in it needed a ton of work done to it. So they worked on it for 3 months. After witch it was in better shape then it had been in a long time. Well my brother thinks hes hot shit in this little yellow sports car. Are hole family is wondering when hes going to crash it (we had a pool going for a wile) Today was that day. He hit some mini van turning a corner, got a 150 dollar ticket and has to now fix the car. Hes ok his friend is ok. The cars not TO bad. He can still drive it. It just the side of it smashed.

Photos of the damage.



This used to be a side light. It still works but the lens is gone.


ALSO: Here are 2 not so go photos of the shrugs I have been making. I will have better photos on monday.

I sold 2 already.

If you would like 1 (or even 5) I can make them in any color (I will have a color chart soon) you can think of for 30.00 plus 7.00 for shipping.

The sleeves are bell sleeves super wide and super awesome! I can make the sleeves less big if you want.

If you dont like the polka dots I can put anything you want on it! I can even do stars, skulls or anything you want!



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