Nameless (nurse__zombie) wrote,

Necromancer Wanted:

To bring back my puppy...

They just brought Thors ashes home. They fucking forgot his paw prints they made for us, I'm pissed off about that.

They did a really nice job with them. Put that in a lil urn and everything. They never did that would my old dog pete, They just put his ashes in a plastic baggy :(. Pete wasn't really a family dog. Thor was, He was a family member. He was a rotty, lab, german shepherd mix. I was always scared of rottys after being bit my one at 12. But after meting Thor he changed my mind about them. They are loving loyal animals. Like my moms said, if we do ever get a dog he will always have rotty in him/her.

I have better photos but it hurts to much to even look at them So I just took the one off my phone.



Sorry everyone I know my last 3 posts have been depressing. When I'm feeling better I will have some good stuff to post.

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