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Going to the STL, MO on the 14th - 24th.

Thats right kiddies. I will indeed be int he STL area next week! Why you ask?

1. I will be staying with Mis Laureli Slaughter (divaofdeath) all week for mad party choas time.

And 2. If everything works out right I will be heading off to the one and only Tripplesix's (triplesix) for her birthday extravaganza! No Idea what to get her. I need to figure it out fast.

Also wile I'm there I hope to see the following people because they are made of win!

steffaneenah and her awesome hubby

I have been doing laundry and trying to get everything ready to leave. My room is torn apart and looks like a tornado hit it. Then again it always looks like that.

I will be broadcasting LIVE from the sloughter house with the Slouter queen herself next week on so check that shit out! We are going to be the cause of the apocalypse MUAHAHAH!!

I am sooo SOO stoked to get the fuck out of MI. I haven't been out of my house in awhile.

Thats pretty much it for now.
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