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And sing at the same time


I think I'm going with blue and purple hair. Even though I'm subconsciously going threw a red period I love the color blue. The sky on warm summer days is blue. Water (should) be blue. Heavy blue makeup in the 70's early 80's. Blue is just a great color.

So, In other news. After my post about the E drama I feel lik ea huge bolder has been lifted off my shoulders. I didn't get a single negiteve responts. That made me really happy. Thank you guys all for your advise and comments. I'm going to soak it all up like a sponge. I don't give a FUCK what either of them say or post any fucking more. =D!

Other then that. I'm still bumming I lost my job. I'm hoping ot go job hunting tomorrow. I wish my friend Chad at hot topic could give me my old job bad. The stupid head boss lady needs to transfer to another store. (Amy Warner you are no friend of mine!) I have a few places I'm going to apply. I just was hoping I never had to get a job working with the public. I get really really bad anxiety when I'm around allot of people. I have from the time I was about 13. Don;t no why. I even take Klonopin for it, still it only helps a small amount. I just gatta tuff it all out till I make enough money for the gathering and my camera (I'm hoping I have my canon 50D by or a little bit after my birthday in may) So now hiring signs here I come! As long as your not fast food I'm applying.

One more thing. I really fucking miss my old Livejournal (fall_child_336) It was suspended due to a ex friend hacking it and spamming porn in communities with it.
I would have had that journal for 10+ years if that didn't happen.
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